The report for the 10th Japanese Breast Cancer Symposium in NYC

There were 75 participants, 3 physician speakers, 1 patient speaker, 4 people from the Consulate General of New York, 6 volunteers and 3 BCnetwork members.

In total we had 92 people in the venue of the official residence of the Japanese Consulate/Ambassador’s residence.

Dr. Yuichiro Kuwama talked about the recent changes of early detection for breast cancer for Japanese women in general, and Dr. Sadako Akashi, an associated Professor of breast surgery from Showa University Hospital in Tokyo, discussed the new wave of using mammography for detection and surveillance after breast cancer. She also included information about breast cancer for young women under 40. For the Q and A session, we invited Dr. Tai Kawahara, a young OBGYN from St. Marrianne University Hospital of Kanagawa, to discuss the most recent topics of how to have a baby amongst young breast and gynecological cancer survivors. Survivor Ms. Yoko Katz talked about how her experiences with fashion that lifted up her emotional difficulties during her treatment.

During the intermission, we had a high school quartet play classical music while all the participants enjoyed some cookies and drinks.

For the last part of the event, there was a practice session of Noh by Ms. Mayo Miwa where we all learned a little bit about Noh’s “kamae”. We are creating separate Youtube videos featuring each speaker that presented and will upload it for the public soon. BCnetwork hopes both the event participants and viewers of the Youtube videos will learn a lot about early detection of breast cancer, treatments, and beyond through Japanese physicians.